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"GOD" and "Password" have been two of the most popular passwords.
Modern passwords need to be much more robust.
Mix numbers, Letters, Capitals and Symbols for better security and try to use a minimum of 8 characters
Difficult to remember??

Consider the Password BlackRose1960
It is easy to remember and has numbers and Capitals but now try substituting "o2 with the number "02 and vice versa and use "+" for any "R"
Hey Presto you have "Black+0se196o" which is more secure but still memorable


Most peoples last thought.
Just as important for personal users as business.
One simple question puts backing up into perspective.
"If your house or business was destroyed and all inside - where are your family photos or business data backed up?"

There are some basic rules to backing up eg 3-2-1

☀ Keep 3 copies of data (1 working copy and 2 backup)
☀ Keep the backs ups on 2 types of media
☀ Always store at least one copy securely OFF SITE

And do not forget to back up your phone data - photos etc on the Clouds have been known to go missing!

Anti-Virus (AV) / Malware

Not exactly the same.
To be simplistic a virus is usually malicious and will damage files, corrupt data, or steal data whereas Malware might hijack your browser to drive you to selected sites or harass you with annoying pop ups. (Never trust unexpected pop ups / messages)

Always have AV software installed but never more than one system as they usually conflict with one another.
Malware can be addressed via a range of tools available on the web.

Both AV and Malware protection are available Commercially and Free.
One important rule is NEVER download any software that comes form a popup / warning or something similar as it is most likely malicious in its self.

Always consult when considering your AV / Malware protection.


There are numbers scams out there and criminals are after your money, data and your identity.

Some simply guidelines
☀ Treat all unexpected calls with suspicion - if in doubt, hang up.
☀ If it seems to good to be true, it almost certainly is.
☀ Microsoft will NEVER Cold Call you EVER
☀ Never allow people remote access to you IT unless you initiated the enquiry and you are sure of whom you are dealing with.
☀ Be aware that criminals will pretend to be the police, your bank, BT or whoever - NEVER give information over the phone

see also "Email and Phishing"

Email and Phishing

Some simply guidelines to keep you safe
☀ Simple Emails with text are inherently safe HOWEVER ..........
☀ Any attachment to an email is a potential risk.
☀ Any link in an email is a potential risk.
☀ Treat all Emails as suspicious packages
☀ Even if you know an email sender ask yourself - "Am I expecting this file"
☀ Never open any Email attachments or link unless you know the sender and feel safe
☀ Links - to check them, however over the link and see the at the bottom of the page or in a box where it will take you - Does it look legitimate
☀ Banks / IT companies etc will NEVER ask you to confirm details by email.
☀ Nigerian Princes and others who say they want to deposit money in your account - Ask yourself how gullible you could be to fall for that.

Data Protection (DP)

Private individuals have a right that companies and agencies who hold their data should do so in accordance with the DP legislation.

The basics of Data protection require
☀ Only required personal data to be stored eg does your Scrabble club really need your medical details?
☀ Data stored should be correct and accurate
☀ Data may only be processed / used / transferred etc in accordance with the declared "purpose" between parties. ☀ All data must be held se curly.
☀ Data may be retained but MUST be erased when no longer necessary for its "purpose"
☀ Storing old personal data inherently means it will become out of date and inaccurate which contravenes DP

Home User Services

BandHIT Home Support offers a wide range of services to Home Users eg


☀ Data Recovery

☀ Photo editing

☀ Systems installation or building

☀ System cleaning - Virus & Malware removal

☀ Setting up data storage / back up solutions

☀ Advice and guidance to parents on making sure your kids are "playing safe" on the web .



It is difficult to provide accurate costs due to the range of services but please feel confident that any charges will be reasonable.